We handle everything from small volume pump-outs to tanker loads of hazardous and non hazardous wastes. Our service program includes both regularly scheduled maintenance and "call in" maintenance requests. In addition to waste management Apex offers diverse ancillary services such as specialized training and more! Review our services in more detail below.

Waste Identification & Lab Packing

Many companies generate miscellaneous chemicals, products and/or lab reagents from regular production.

Cutting Soil & Purge Water

Soils & Purge Water created from drilling processes and consultant sampling.

​Vacuum Truck​ Services

Industrial vacuum truck services for environmental remediation, bankruptcies , industrial cleanup, and dangerous goods emergency response calls.

Bankruptcy CleanUp Services

Unfortunately not all companies succeed and when they leave the premises often not everything goes with them.


Apex Environmental Services provides tank removals, excavation, storm water management pond rehabilitation and test pits services.

Roll-Off Services

Apex transportation has roll-off containers ranging in size from 14 cu. yds. to 40 cu. yds. We offer both barn door and sealed dump door units. Our...


Apex transportation now offers the transportation and disposal of asbestos. Our fully certified personnel give you the comfort in knowledge that the job...

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