Cutting Soils & Purge Water

Impacted soil, drill cuttings and purge water generated by site investigation can be awkward and difficult to dispose of in accordance with Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks guidelines.

Apex Environmental Services has a proven reputation at being the best bet for reliable, economical, and fully certified drum pickup and disposal of drill cuttings.

We have the expertise to manage pick ups for either small containers, standard 205 litre drums, super sacs or roll off containers. We have the capability to correctly interpret your analytical data to manage your soil, purge water, and drill cuttings in accordance with government regulations. All of your disposal needs will be handled at a MECP permitted transfer or disposal location.

Apex Environmental Services Inc., your partner for environmental solutions, imparts to our clients a feeling of confidence that our process is efficient and safe. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly service at cost-effective rates.

To offer environmental clients fully certified, safe, and high-quality drum pickup and disposal, we have:

  • 5 Million Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance Policy
  • ECA from the MECP for Transportation and Disposal
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification
  • Pickup trucks with lowering tailgates, 16, 24, 26 foot trucks

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