Waste Identification & Lab Packing

Many companies generate miscellaneous chemicals, products and/or lab reagents from regular production, lab capabilities or regularly maintained plant cleaning. Apex will supply specially trained technicians that will perform onsite packing of obsolete or expired chemicals and lab reagents for safe removal.

Our service includes:

  • Waste identification/profiling
  • Inventory of items for disposal
  • Segregation
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Manifesting
  • Transportation to our receiving facility
  • Containerized Waste Removal

We can handle a variety of containerized wastes as well as supply containers to pack or replace outgoing containers such as Pails, Drums, Totes, Roll off Bins

Waste can be removed on a pre-scheduled or as-needed basis. Our Technical Sales Representative can safely sample your waste, assist you with waste characterization in accordance with applicable regulations, and determine the best treatment process for disposal. We can also assist with HWIN registration and renewals.

We will also help classify, separate and inventory all waste streams. We will complete all applicable Ministry of Environment and Transportation of Dangerous Goods paperwork associated with the removal. We will transfer and dispose of waste according to all applicable regulations and guidelines.

Lab Pack and Chemical Identification Protocol

To be followed for all chemical waste pickups, lab packing & illegal chemical drop-offs:
  • Customer Representative receives a request for chemical pickup or identification of drums, pails or smaller items.
  • Apex Liquid Waste Division Representative will be requested to make a site visit to identify, collect samples (if necessary) and set up supply list if needed to pack materials when the truck and Lab Tech arrive for pickup. (i.e. drums, pails, overpacks, Vermiculite and any special tools, equipment or PPE)
  • Samples taken will be sent to our laboratory for identification for disposal and/or recycling considerations.
  • Once waste is identified and categorized and customer agrees to use Apex Liquid Waste Division for service, HWIN (Hazardous Waste Information Network) will be consulted to ensure the customer is registered with the Ministry of the Environment as a generator of the identified wastes. If registered, the customer�s Schedule �A� will be checked for applicable shipping numbers for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. If customer needs to be registered, then Apex Liquid Waste Division will assist with this process if requested.
  • A pickup date can then be set mutually by Apex Liquid Waste Division and the customer. A driver and a Lab Tech will sort and pack the chemicals according to their compatibilities (water reactive, oxidizer, acid, caustic, flammable, non- hazardous, etc.) If the case is only a couple of drums or pails to be picked up, then our well trained drivers are very capable to perform this work.
  • All waste picked up for disposal or recycling will be transported back to Apex Liquid Waste Division in accordance with all applicable laws including TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) and Regulation 347 of the Environmental Protection Act.
  • A certificate of disposal is available upon request.

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