Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

At Apex Environmental Services Inc., we strive to ensure a safe working atmosphere for our employees, contractors, clients and the general public, while at the same time protecting our environment.

Our personnel are responsible for maintaining health and safety standards at client locations while minimizing environmental impacts. This applies to all contractors working under the guidance of Apex Environmental Services Inc.

I, Scott Welles, President of Apex, will be responsible for ensuring that project related incidents will be investigated and corrective measures taken where warranted.

Apex Environmental Services Inc., will provide personnel with Health and Safety training such as, TDGA and WHMIS allowing personnel recognition of proper personal protective equipment, hazard training and when to take corrective measures.

Each employee of Apex Environmental Services Inc., will be responsible for complying with all required Health and Safety legislations, protecting the environment around work areas and maintaining personal protective equipment. All hazardous working situations, to the employee or the environment, are to be reported to the President immediately.

I, Scott Welles, will be responsible for implementing this policy while ensuring its compliance within the organization.


P. Scott Welles President BSc

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